19 December 2019

Giveaway promotional headwear at your next corporate event

by Dave

Is your business holding or attending a corporate event in the near future? These events can be an excellent networking opportunity, offering a chance to make new connections with future clients or showcase a new product line or service to potential customers! However, if you want to make a lasting impression – and ensure the name of your business is at the top of their lists long after the event is over – then you need to giveaway something for them to remember you by! Our promotional headwear is the ideal choice for any event; and here’s why!

Giveaway hats to clients and increase goodwill
Wondering why giveaways work? It’s because they’re free! Giving away promotional items – especially products like hats, that your customers will actually use – is an excellent way to generate goodwill and leave your potential clients feeling favourably toward your business.


Great options for all businesses
The ideal choice for every industry, our huge range of custom hats can be designed to suit your unique needs. Whether you need a cap for golf days with clients, wide brim hats for outdoor corporate events or any other occasion, we have the solution.


Ideal for any weather
Think our range of promotional headwear are just for summer giveaways? Think again! We have a number of comfortable, quality beanies and caps that will keep your clients toasty warm on even the coldest of winter days. Pair them with a matching knitted scarf for maxim exposure opportunities.


Easy to customise
When investing in promotional headwear, it’s critical that your products stand out from the crowd – otherwise potential customers won’t recognise your marketing material and won’t know who to turn to when it matters! We’ve made it easier than ever to customise our hats, so you can put your logo, marketing message and contact details where it counts!


Added exposure
As our promotional headwear is reusable, you can be confident that each hat you giveaway is providing your business with added exposure. Not only will your clients be reminded of your business every time they reach for your cap or hat, but everyone they come into contact with throughout their day will also see your logo and business details, turning them into walking brand representatives.


Excellent for staff uniforms
Don’t just keep your new hats for potential customers – your custom headwear can make a great addition to your work uniform too, especially if your employees often work outside and need protection from the elements.


As you can see, our promotional headwear is the ideal choice for any event, putting your branding front and centre at eye height where it can’t be missed! Whether you’re looking for caps, bucket hats or beanies, our range has an option for everyone. See how easy it is to customise your own personalised hats with the help of Novel Tees – we have over 20 years’ experience so you can be confident we’re the right team for the task. Get in touch today to get ready for your next corporate event.