19 December 2019

Promote your business the right way with our great promotional bags

by Dave

If you own your own business, you know how important it is to stand out from the crowd! Yet traditional advertising methods, such as television or radio ads, can often be expensive to produce! If you’re in search of an effective and functional way to reach your customers and gain maximum exposure, then you need promotional bags!

By placing your business details onto a backpack, you turn the wearer into a walking build board, creating impressions wherever they travel to – all with one bag! Imagine the possibilities for your company if there were dozens of bags in circulation around your local area!

See what makes a personalised bag the perfect promotional tool here.

A functional tool your customers will love
Are you tired of spending money on marketing tools that end up in the bin? If you’re sick of seeing your hard work go to waste, then it’s time you invested in a customised product that your customers can actually use! Our promotional bags are both functional, effective and attractive, meaning your clients will hold on to them – instead of tossing them the minute they leave your sight.

A huge range of styles to suit every business
We know each business is unique, and whilst a satchel may work for some offices, a backpack may be better suited to other workplaces! With a huge range of promotional bag styles to choose from, selecting the correct make is easier than ever. Browse our tote bags, draw string packs, laptop bags, wine coolers and more today!


Easy to customise for maximum results
Just as the style of bag that you choose should suit your business, the end result should be completely unique as well! We’ve made it easier than ever to completely customise your promotional bags to ensure maximum brand recognition – simply choose a style, a colour scheme that complements your other material, and add your logo, name and contact details!


Designed to be reused for extended exposure
Another great thing about these bags is that they are reusable and can stand the test of time – meaning every time your customers use them, they will be reminded of your business! Whether they are used on the daily commute to work, weekly shopping trip, or taken out over the weekend, your logo will be front and centre, every time.


Eco-Friendly options available
Reusable marketing material, such as our personalised bags, aren’t just a great choice for extended exposure – they are also the ideal option for the environmentally conscious. Instead of using single-use promotional products, do your bit for the environment and choose our bags, totes or backpacks instead!


For a promotional product your customers will use again and again, use customised bags. Whether you know your clients would benefit from a backpack or a briefcase, our range of promotional bags are designed to increase the exposure that your business branding receives, drive new traffic toward your company and keep your name at the top of the list for existing clients. Personalise your own bags today with Novel Tees!