19 December 2019

Why use promotional clothing for brand promotion

by Dave

Did you know that promotional clothing is among the most popular marketing items given away by companies around the world? They have a long and colourful history – since the mid 1960s, they’ve been used to deliver marketing messages loud and clear. If you’re looking for a customised item to add to your campaign, you might be wondering why clothing, like t-shirts, hoodies and more,is the better choice – we’ve outlined just some of the reasons why in this article.

  • Solidify branding & marketing efforts
    By choosing promotional clothing styles and messages that will appeal to your target audience, you’ll actually be helping to establish your brand in the minds of the public. The message you put out there becomes more than just words on a top – it becomes an intrinsic part of your branding and marketing efforts, something that your target audience will see and immediately associated with you.
  • Provide a sense of unity & identity
    Have you ever considered that promotional clothing can provide wearers with a sense of unity and identity? When handed out to your customers, they will immediately be able to recognise each other when they walk down the street – sharing the knowledge that they like to shop in the same place. When handed out to your employees, they will feel a sense of camaraderie with each other and as if they all belong somewhere.
  • Suits your target audience
    When choosing clothing for your campaign, it’s important to think about what sorts of styles, materials and minds will appeal to your target audience. Most young people, for example, want clothes that are on-trend. If you’re marketing to the eco-conscious, on the other hand, you will want to avoid synthetic fabrics and brightly coloured dies (that are often petroleum based).
  • Variety of shapes & sizes available
    One of the biggest advantages of incorporating promotional clothing into your marketing campaign is that they are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, ensuring that you can find an option to suit everyone. In this day and age, our target audiences are likely to be made up of people with differing body shapes (from men and women to petite and plus size), and everyone will want a comfortable fit.
  • Item that doesn’t age or go out of fashion
    Finally, many clothes, such as staple items like t-shirts, don’t tend to age or go out of fashion – they’re an item of clothing that people are likely to hold onto and wear well into the future. The other bonus of this is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t give them all out straightaway – you’ll be able to keep them on hand until they’re all gone without worry that you’ll need to update your stock. This can help to save you money, as you can order in bulk.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you should use clothing to get your marketing message across. On top of the reasons outlined above, our range of clothes all offer a large surface area that can be used for your design – ensuring that it’s clearly legible and stands out. Partner with our team today and see how we can give your next campaign the boost you deserve!